Bangkok, Thailand (12-17 Aug)

Suk 11, Soi 11, Bangkok, Thailand
Suk 11, Soi 11, Bangkok, Thailand

by Fudgie...


The day we have been waiting for a long time - our World Tour! The excitement, freedom and adventure begins!


Dean and I met at Heathrow airport on 11 Aug to fly to Sawadee ka Mai Pen Rai land! Sure felt good to be back in Thailand. Did not waste anytime in getting foot and oil massages and then right to get some awesome cheap, cheap Thai food! We enjoyed a few days in Thailand to sort out our Chinese visas, get massages eat lots of Som Tam, Phad Thai, Patbung fai dang etc. A fab first stop.


Whilst in Bangkok we went to Khao San road to get our original copy International Student cards, hoping that we will be able to get students discounts especially when in the States and other places to get into tourist attractions and amusement parks J After getting the cards made up (for a whole £4 each!) we made our way to MBK (multi story shopping mall in Bangkok selling everything from food to clothes to electrics) to get some new trainers and iPhone fixed.


On our second to last day in Thailand I started to get the chills and hot sweats and not feeling too well! I took a few nurofen to try and get ride of the pain and aches I was starting to feel. By the time we left Bangkok I was not feeling well at all, major pain on the right side of my back and feeling aching and flu like!


On 17 Aug we left Bangkok and flew to Guangzhou, China. The plane ride was not much fun as I was starting to feel worse and we were getting an introduction to Chinese culture! We were sitting across from a guy that kept snorting, picking his nose and making lots of awful bodily sounds! When the guy started eating the slurping sounds that were coming out of his mouth were quite something.

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    Ali Aubergines (Tuesday, 04 October 2011 21:56)

    Icky! Why do people eat their bodily fluids! SO GROSS!
    What bad timing to get sick! I'm awaiting the next installment...

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