China - Observations!

  • No one seems to speak English in China! Some of the younger generation do, but very minimal!
  • Children pee and poo on the street and in bins
  • Babies don’t wear diapers. Just have their bum cheeks hanging out in the air, as bottoms are open if they have bottoms on at all!
  • People are A LOT more friendly than I thought. We just say hello “Ni Hau or Nimen Hou” and their faces light up and smile at us! They then continue speaking to us in Chinese as if we understand what they are saying!
  • Where are the crowds? Other than at the train stations and on the first train from Guangzhou have not felt that claustrophobic and full of people! Maybe will feel that way n Beijing.
  • Lots of snorting, spitting and slurping!
  • Smoke inside and smoke A LOT! Mostly men have rarely seen women smoking. So unhealthy between all the smoking they do and the unhealthy greasy food they eat!
  • Eat like animals
  • No stray dogs on the streets! To quote Dean” probably because they are all on the dinner table”
  • Women have hairy armpits and legs
  • Anywhere we have tried to use a credit card told we could only use Chinese one!
  • Feel very safe
  • Squat toilets everywhere and they are nasty! Smell awful, full on pee, shit, paper, pads you name it! Some of them are just open so you see everyone and everyone can see you!
  • Facebook banned in China. At some of the hostels we have been able to access it
  • Lots of workers and people on streets with water bottles filled with tea
  • The Chinese love to eat! Anything and Everything!!!! They even have all sorts of meats that are in suction plastic bags. They suck the meat out from the plastic bag and eat it!
  • Anything I seem to buy at the supermarket is out of date! Still alive!!!
  • The Chinese people love to get pictures of you with them in it! Why would you want a picture of a stranger? Guess they don’t seem many tourists? Not sure why else they would want a picture with you in it?

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    Mohammed Ali (Sunday, 09 October 2011 22:13)

    These are great! But why do they stay so slim when they eat so much?!