Geneva, Switzerland (27 Oct to 6 Nov)

Fudgie & Dingo back in Geneva for David & Suzanne's wedding
Fudgie & Dingo back in Geneva for David & Suzanne's wedding
Maison Lameloise - Michelin Star restaurant in Burgundy
Maison Lameloise - Michelin Star restaurant in Burgundy

by Fudgie…


After 3 months on the go and in Asia it was wonderful to be in one place and back home for 10 days! Dean and I flew back to Geneva via Laos, Bangkok and Abu Dhabi.


We went back to Geneva for David and Suzanne’s wedding. We had a few days to chill out before the big day and fortunately for us the weather was not as cold as it can be at this time of year. It sure was a lot colder than Asia, but it was not too hard to acclimatize.


David and Suzanne’s wedding was amazing! The synagogue service was beautiful and the reception was spectacular everything from the food to the venue and especially how beautiful my new sister Suzanne looked. The highlight for me though was seeing my brother David break out of his shell into a full on choreographed dance routine! We were so impressed! Well done David.


Other than being back for David and Suzanne’s wedding, we were able to catch up with all my family. It was so great to see you all. Dean and I just wished we could have spent more time with you as it was rather busy and not long enough! It was also lovely to see my oldest friend Sandra, her husband Paul and their little girl Sofia.


Towards the end of our stay my mom organized a great surprise get away for my dad’s 60th birthday. My parents, siblings, Dean and Suzanne all made the journey for a few days to the wine country in Burgundy, France around Beaune. We stayed in a stunning “Relais Chateau” and ate and drank for 3 days!!! What a change from the places we have been staying in Asia!


It was VERY sad to leave Geneva after 10 fantastic days and we just hope that our family can come and join us at some point in the next few months as we miss them all already!

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    Ali Auber (Sunday, 15 January 2012 21:48)

    How awesome to go home for a wedding/ 60th combo! Albert must have been so happy with this suprise and to have all his children! Love this family pic above. xxx