Singapore (23 to 26 Oct)

Dingo & Fudgie outside Raffles Hotel, Singapore
Dingo & Fudgie outside Raffles Hotel, Singapore
Raffles Hotel, Singapore
Raffles Hotel, Singapore

by Fudgie…


From Vietnam to Singapore! What a change…We were picked up by Ellie Slade, friends we were staying with in Singapore. So we did not have to try to find a metered taxi or get scammed by some taxi driver! Thanks Ellie! Not only were we very grateful for being collected at the airport, we also were fortunate enough to stay in Alastair and Ellie’s old Chinese colonial shop front styled house – what an amazing place! Thanks Alastair and Ellie.


The first night we got there we hung out at their place and their maid cooked us a delicious meal and we caught up on our travels and their life in Singapore. Amazing meal and nice to be in such nice accommodation.


The next day we had a great sleep in and chilled out by the pool, catching up on emails and taking it easy. We did venture away from the pool area for a while to get some great Chinese food at one of the street hawkers and walked around the neighborhood. In the afternoon we enjoyed watching Rosie as well as six other 2-4 year olds have a swimming lesson, they were so cute! In the evening Alastair, Ellie, Dean and I headed out to a local market in the area for a fabulous meal.


As Dean had never been to Singapore before and I have only once before with my mom, we decided another day by the pool would be a little silly! We started our walking tour in Chinatown. From there we headed towards the Marina and the Fullerton Hotel. The next stop was the cricket club and pitch whilst trying to stay out of the rain. The local downpour passed so we headed to Raffles Hotel for a walk around the amazing complex and of course to indulge in a world famous “Singapore Sling”. In doing so we completely blew the backpacker’s budget for the day…but when in Rome hey ho… We enjoyed ever sip.


From the Raffles we went to Little India and enjoyed that area a lot more than Chinatown. We stopped to have some great Indian food, Masala Dosa, Paratha etc. We slowly made our way back to the Slade’s to shower and freshen up before heading back out for the evening.


We spent the evening around the Arab Quarter. First went for some edgy cocktails at a place called “Bar Stories”. There was no menu you just told the waiter or waitress what type of spirits you liked or what you felt like drinking and they would make up a concoction for you. An interesting concept. From the bar we went and had some food before heading to another bar. At this bar there was a menu, however, the waitresses were dressed in angel outfits and once you placed an order for a bottle of wine your “angel waitress” would attach herself to a harness and a motorized machine would hoist her some 10-15 metres above the actual bar. Once she identified your bottle in the heavenly refrigerator she would then return to earth and present you with your purchase! Another very different concept and we can most definitely say we have never been to a bar like this before – if you get to Sinagpore make sure you get to this bar, but be warned make sure you have withdrawn your limit as it is rather on the heavy side!


Our last day in Singapore we were able to catch up with the Lewis family (our new inlaws) for lunch. Thanks for lunch and the rides Lewis family, it was so lovely to see you all! We enjoyed great food as well as playing with trains and writing the alphabet / numbers with Asher. We hope to see you again soon. We were also able to visit my old Ecolint school pal Donny Teo and his lovely and very interesting mother Doreen. Donny it was so nice to see you after 14 years and Doreen thanks for opening up your house to us for afternoon tea!


Before heading off to KL that evening we were able to show Alastair and Ellie our pictures of Cambodia as they were heading to Siem Reap the following week for Alastair to compete in the Angkor Wat half marathon. WELL DONE Alastair for putting in a very impressive run and beating your work buddies…it must have been all the cocktails at Bar Stories that did the trick!!! Super stuff!!!

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    Ali Auber (Sunday, 15 January 2012 22:30)

    DD saw your piccies of Raffles - I took my mum there for the same! Not sure if you went to the Singapore museum which I found fascinating or you were too busy drinking posh cocktails delivered by angels! xx

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    Bill Claxton (Saturday, 27 October 2012 08:17)

    I was acquainted with Alastair in 2010 but lost contact. Could you let him know that I'd like to reconnect? Thanks.