Picture courtesy of CouchSurfing (c)
Picture courtesy of CouchSurfing (c)

What is CouchSurfing you are asking?


CouchSurfing is a community that involves staying at someone's house for FREE either on a couch, bed or floor in exchange for cultural or life stories! Sometimes hosts are that busy with their lives that they just leave you to your own devices, but others are much more engaging and have time to get to know you better!


You are either a "host" or "surfer" and it is very much a reciprocal community, so if you are surfing at the moment then one day you might be able to host back in your hometown. This of course is not an obligation and in most cases the mere cultural exchange is enough to warrant your participation in the community.


Check out the community's website - it is a real cool concept and it's FREE!


We love CouchSurfing! We have met and made so many fantastic friendships on our journey that it is heartening to know that there are so many wonderful human beings still out there!


Below are pictures of some of our hosts on our journey so far! Enjoy