THANKS from Dingo, Fudgie & Cub!

Thanks for following us on our travel website for the past 18 months!


We enjoyed sharing all of our experiences and photos and hope you found it easy to navigate around our website. We loved every moment of our trip and it is fair to say that this most humbling experience has changed our views on life in many different ways. 


We met so many wonderful people along our journey, especially thanks to CouchSurfing! We are not sure our experience would have been half as good if it were not for CouchSurfing. A massive, massive thanks to all those CSers we met along the way, be it either those who hosted us, were being co-hosted with us or we met randomly around the places. To our friends who are not on CouchSurfing, if you are ever thinking of joining then shout us for a reference.


The opportunity to spend so much time together, not long after our wedding, has been another part of our trip that made it a wonderfully special experience. Not many people get to experience what we did, day in day out, living in each other's pockets - thank you Fudgie for being the greatest wife in the world and the best travel buddy one could ever want!


Thanks finally to all our family and friends who either joined us along the way and / or kept in touch through email and our website. Your support during the trip was fantastic and we really appreciated it!


Hope to see a lot more of you very soon.

Dingo, Fudgie and Cub xxx

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A - Guatemala City

B - Panajachal (Lago Atitlan)

C - Antigua

D - Flores

E - Tikal

Welcome to our Travel Book!

This will be our travel website for the next 17 months!


We will be sharing all our experiences and photos with you and hope you find it easy to navigate around our new site. Please let us know if you have any problems as we want to make sure our family and friends can enjoy our trip with us!


We have included an iTinerary section on the site and hope that some of our family and friends will be able to join us on various legs of the trip. If you are interested in joining us at any stage on our trip or think you will be in the same place around the time we intend to travel, then please send us a mail.


Hoping to hear from or see you very soon! 

Dingo & Fudgie xxx